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James Kyle

me@thejameskyle.com - @thejameskyle

# Me on the internet...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#social

  1. GitHub
  2. Twitter
  3. Medium
  4. Sticker Mule
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn
  7. My Website

# I have worked at...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#jobs

  1. Facebook - (June 2016 - Present)
  2. CloudFlare - (September 2014 - June 2016)
  3. Pole Star Space Applications - (December 2013 - September 2014)
  4. Tuatara Corp - (April 2013 - December 2013)
  5. CoachUp - (August 2012 - April 2013)

# Core team member on...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#membership

  1. TC39 - ECMAScript (JavaScript) Standards Technical Committee
  2. Yarn - Fast, Reliable, and Secure Dependency Manager
  3. Flow - A Static Type Checker for JavaScript
  4. Babel - A JavaScript compiler.
  5. Lerna - A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.
  6. cf-ui (inactive) - CloudFlare UI Framework
  7. Marionette (inactive) - The Backbone Framework

# Things I've written...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#books

  1. The Super Tiny Compiler
  2. Itsy Bitsy Data Structures
  3. Babel Handbook

# Things I'm writing...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#writing

  1. The Super Tiny Type Checker
  2. (Untitled book on algorithms)
  3. (Untitled book on software design patterns)

# More things I've written...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#blog

  1. Dear JavaScript
  2. Lockfiles should be committed on all projects | Yarn
  3. Awards in Open Source
  4. Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript | Facebook Code
  5. Type Systems: Structural vs. Nominal typing explained
  6. Type Systems: Refinements explained
  7. Type Systems: Covariance, Contravariance, Bivariance, and Invariance explained
  8. Type Systems: Reachability and Exhaustiveness analysis explained
  9. Setting up Flow when you’ve already got Babel in place
  10. Flow: Mapping an object
  11. Open Sourcing CloudFlare’s UI Framework | CloudFlare
  12. npm dx
  13. Learning How to Learn
  14. The React Styling Problem
  15. Dear GitHub
  16. The Language of Programming
  17. Setting up Babel 6 | Babel blog
  18. 6.0.0 Released | Babel blog
  19. Function Bind Syntax | Babel blog
  20. Babel <3 React | Babel blog
  21. Thanks ECMAScript, You've Ruined Us All
  22. Not Born to Die | Babel blog
  23. 2to3 | Babel blog
  24. 6to5 + esnext | Babel blog

# Talks I've given...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#talks

  1. JSConf Asia (Singapore, SG): "Zero to Binary Search Tree"
  2. ReactNL (Amsterdam, NL): "How to build a compiler"
  3. JSConf China (Nanjing, CN): "How to build a compiler"
  4. React Rally (Salt Lake City, UT): "Zero to Binary Search Tree"
  5. Full Stack (Denver, CO): "How to build a compiler"
  6. Camp JS VII (Sydney, AU): "How to build a compiler (aussie edition)"
  7. EmberConf 2016 (Portland, OR): "How to build a compiler"
  8. Modern Web UI (Moutain View, CA): "Babel Sucks"
  9. Microsoft Web Platform (Redmond, WA): "A Hastily Made Presentation about Babel"
  10. NodeSF (San Francisco, CA): "Build Smarter with Babel"
  11. ForwardJS (San Francisco, CA): "JavaScript tooling in the Future"
  12. Edge Conf 2015 (London, UK): "Panel - Progressive Enhancement"
  13. jQuery SF (San Francisco, CA): "Compiling JavaScript"
  14. SFJS Meetup (San Francisco, CA): "Introduction to 6to5: Transpile ES6+ to Vanilla ES5"
  15. SFJS Meetup (San Francisco, CA): "Babel" (with Sebastian McKenzie)
  16. Dancing with Marionette (New York City, NY): "Marionette State of the Union"

# Upcoming talks...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#upcoming

  1. CODEC Go - University of Santo Tomas (Manila, PH): "Zero to Binary Search Tree" - February 10, 2017

# Open Source Websites I've built...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#websites

  1. yarnpkg.com
  2. babeljs.io

# Open Source Projects...

For a more up to date list see: https://thejameskyle.com/#code